Sleep Comics #8

A lot of ascent in this dream. A lot of confusing distractions. And finally, when I reach what appears to be the top level I sit in some prima materia. This is typical of my dreams when I first started to see progress in an alchemical sense. I'm an amateur in matters of alchemy, but I know that prima materia concerns matters of the soul (in it's imperfect state) so it would make sense I would need to ascend to a higher place in order to find it.

Sleep Comics #7

"Folklore: rivers often demand regular human sacrifices in exchange for the fertility they give; river-spirits are often mermaids who demand salt thrown into the water, sacrifices, incantations, etc. to counteract the human sacrifice; this knowledge often cause the refusal to help a drowning person" De Vries, Arthur. Elsevier's Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery. Bingley: Emerald, 2009. Print.

I must have dreamt this three years ago; it surprises me that I didn't find this interpretation sooner. Chilling how spot on the imagery and the folklore explanation is. It's common for me to relate to the folklore entries in the Elsevier's book. Not sure if it's personal preference or my unconscious is tapped into that particular collective well. Whatever the case, I always find something profound in this book. Highly recommended for the serious dreamer.

Sleep Comics #6

This is why I can't stand Freud: "The dreams of little children are often simple fulfillments of wishes, and for this reason are, as compared with the dreams of adults, by no means interesting."

I remember many dreams from my childhood. Feelings and emotions were sometimes first experienced in my dreams when I was younger. This was (and still is) a magical and scary realm that is yearning to be listened to. Wish fulfillment? Pfft.

Sleep Comics #5

"Are archetypes necessary? It is not the task of the investigator, it seems to me, to determine whether what he discovers is necessary or not. (Is a space walk necessary?) The investigator's task is to make his observations and report on them, on 'what is'". Singer, June. Boundaries of the Soul. New York: Anchor Books, 1972. Print.

Sleep Comics #3

"No sixth sense is needed to understand dreams. But more is required than routine recipes such as are found in vulgar little dream-books, or which invariably develop under the influence of preconceived notions. Stereotyped interpretation of dream-motifs is to be avoided; the only interpretations are those reached through a painstaking examination of the context." Jung, Carl. Dreams from the Collected Works of C. G. Jung VOLUMES 4,8.12,16. Princeton University Presss.

There came a time several years ago when being naked in my dreams stopped being embarrassing and I was comfortable just being nude. It was quite an achievement because it solved one of my dream problems - showing up to school naked and having to sneak away to go find clothes - and all dreams of the like. Nothing like feeling at home in your birthday suit.

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