Sleep Comics #21

This passage has always felt like it pertains to celebrities:

"There are many people whose conscious attitude is defective not as regards adaptation to environment but as regards expression of their own character. These are people whose conscious attitude and adaptive performance exceed their capacities as individuals; that is to say, they appear to be better and more valuable than they really are. Their outward success is naturally never paid for out of their individual resources alone, but very largely out of the dynamic reserves generated by collective suggestion. Such people climb above their natural level thanks to the influence of a collective ideal or the lure of some social advantage, or the support offered by society. They have not grown inwardly to the level of their outward eminence, for which reason the unconscious in all these cases has a negatively compensating, or reductive, function." Jung, Carl. Dreams from The Collected Works or C.G. Jung, Volumes 4, 8, 12, 16. Princeton: Bollingen, 1974.

I've always struggled when it comes to separating a celebrity's craft from their opinions, politics, and behavior. In this case it's Dustin Hoffman whom I really like. So the fact that he went and fired missiles at my superhero friends and me was disappointing. In the end I resolved to shoot back at him anyway yet continue to love his acting. What part of myself do I feel this way about? Serious ego happening here. Me as a superhero, I can fly a plane, and I have permission to potentially fatally injure a person.