New Column - Seattle Review of Books

Stroll on over to Seattle Review of Books and see my new column featured every Friday of my dream comics. These comics are a collection of dreams over the course of an entire year. Recently I picked up where I left off and the posts will eventually catch up with where I am today. Extremely delighted about this news, enjoy!

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Short Run Festival on Halloween!

All Hallow's Eve is fast approaching! Be sure to come on down to the Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center for Short Run Comix and Arts Festival. There is always a TON of amazing work to see here. This year I'll be selling the first Cat City™ zine (with fold out poster!) along with a new zine - a collection of Gluten Free Hobo comics and recent Cat City™ comics, all in one! I'll also have complimentary Nap Coupons and Jessixa's "I Love Twin Peaks" series (volumes 1, 2, & 3). And since it's Halloween I'll have tons of glorified sugar to hand out. "So come on down! I'll chew on a dog!"