Sleep Comics #14

This is one of my favorite dream comics I've done. I won't go into all the self-indulgent details of why I love this, instead I will cite Elsevier again:

"Vermin: 1. any animals that, though not necessarily dangerous, are obnoxious to man; like ants, fleas, wasps, etc. grew after Man's fall in order to pester him bees (Faustus, DVB 3, 52); 2. they can be banished by exorcising formulae, at which gypsies were proficient (Leyland 41); 3. they "depart from dying persons and forsake [the] bodies, when the blood, from which the vermin derive their sustenance, loses its vitality: (Plutarch, M 49); 4. dreams: a. folklore:: dreaming of trouble in killing vermin denotes much riches (Folkl. &c. of Brit., p. 94); b. Freud: i. vermin and other small animals denote children; being plagues by them may denote pregnancy (IDr 6E, p. 357); ii. they often refer to one's brothers and sisters (ILP 10); c. Cheywynd: i. in the house they denote the same as insects (q.v.); ii. undesired children, whether as offspring or as brothers and sisters (see Freud, above). De Vries, Arthur. Elsevier's Dictionary of Symbols and Imagery. Bingley: Emerald, 2009. Print.

I would cite the entry for "boar", but it is SO LONG, and in the dream I specifically addressed the vermin. The boar happened to be the only "vermin" I saw. Regardless of the type of animal, the nature was definitely that these guests were unwanted, which - to me, is vermin. Blah, blah, vermin, blah, blah.

Over the years I've become much more of an analytical person. Talking through all of my issues, problems, etc. Perhaps me screaming away the vermin is a metaphor for verbally exorcising my situations. The maze adds a navigational element of problem solving as well.  Running down a mound of dead bodies? Not sure about that one.