Exciting News!

My wife Jessixa and I will be co-authoring and co-illustrating a children's book! The book is about a cat who has lived all his life at sea on a cargo ship and wonders what it would be like to go "home". We have been collaborating for years and love the feeling we get when we finish a piece of art and can't even remember who did what. Neal Porter (of Roaring Brook Press) is a very talented editor. He LOVES what he does and it shows. I feel very lucky to work with him and all the other wonderful people at Roaring Brook.

Sleep Comics #39

Sleep Comic #39 in which I box not only a person's ears, but also a cat's ears. The hilarity of this dream really obscures any deeper meaning. This has always been a problem with the way I present these dreams to readers - precisely why I've chosen to annotate them. Here, however, I am going to just leave it alone. Enjoy this offering from my unconscious!