Sleep Comics #15

Thinking in dreams: 

The more I listen to my dreams, the more I notice my thoughts within the dream and how much of the content they occupy. (I'm going to pre-apologize for the confusing grammar here:) Because dreams are so often weighed by their symbolic content it presents a problem with analysis. How much importance should I place on my in-dream thought process? No psychoanalyst I've ever seen has seemed to show much interest in this. Are we to interpret the thoughts in the dream as thought by our unconscious selves? Or is it just a neurotic addition to an already confusing subject? When I talk about in-dream thoughts here, I'm not referring to "that lady looks weird" - I'm referring to critical analysis of situations. For instance, some event will happen that will provoke me to go into a long-winded breakdown of the situation. In conflict, I will go over and over the motives of another person, and analysis of my actions, until I finally either say or do something in the dream (or not!). In this waking analysis I suppose it's easy to say that it's not what I am thinking, but the fact that I am thinking so much, and how does that reflect back onto me? Is all this out-of-dream analysis affecting my in-dream activity and visa-versa? Maybe an analyst hasn't shown interest because I haven't brought it up in this way.