Sleep Comics #13

I'm not excited about this dream because the comic itself has too many details that I threw in to be clever. For instance, the Jumbotron has reads "Sponsored by Rebork" and it is called the "Corporate Funds Arena". Also, the posters in the classroom are completely made up and not elements of the actual dream. These details are fun, but they stray too far from the original content of the dream. I want the dream to stand on its own and I want to be as honest with the content as possible.

The comic format is ideal for conveying a dream because of the way you can sequence such absurd events. Dreams often skip around from one setting to another, or one minute your shirt is on, then you're shirtless, then it's back on again (as with this dream). There are very few movie sequences that I feel succeed in presenting a believable dream sequence. I can't even think of one off the top of my head. I hope these comics give the reader a modicum of the feeling of dreaming.