Amy and the Bear

I'm super excited to announce that I've done some artwork for Amy and the Bear. If you're not familiar - Amy and the Bear is a neato company started by Amy Bush and artist Joey Veltkamp that sells useful wares featuring art from NW artists.  This coming sunday (July 26) Amy and the Bear will be at the Badwill Market pop up shop in the Rhino Room on Capitol Hill. Come check out the new stuff with my work -- two Educational Posters - Wizard Checklist (pictured below) and Alcoholic Authors. Also a Cat City poster and the Cat City zine with fold out poster! This is super exciting. The print quality is first class and the Wizard poster has fantastical burnt edges.

Also catch Amy and the Bear at the Renegade Craft Fair on August 1 at Magnuson Park, Hangar 30!